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  • Comfortable

  • Sexy

  • Completely invisible under outfits

  • 30 days money back guarantee

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But why is this "SECRET" bodysuit spreading like a tsunami on social media ?

 +20,000 Women feel more self-confident and 

sexier thanks to SECRET 

"Is it worth it? YES, it really changed my life" Eva.L


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1Body= for all your outfits

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Why is this backless bodysuit the N°1 solution in 🇬🇧  ?

There's nothing worse than a elegant backless dress or a cute high-cut top with bra straps sticking out. It ruins everything! Especially on special occasions

SECRET™ is THE ONLY backless body with a plunging neckline that is both:

  • Comfortable

  • Sexy

  • Completely invisible under outfits

✨ +25,000 Women have transformed their lives ✨

  • 30 days money back guarantee

But what is behind the success of this invisible body ?

Plunging neckline

No more straps ruining your cleavage. SECRET™ totally invisible under dresses, tops, backless jumpsuits...

Push-Up underwire

Well constructed for a supported and lifted bust - a serious cleavage boost

Seamless thong back with hook & eye closure

No more panty lines under your dresses, especially a nice tight or satin dress. SECRET™ gives you easy bathroom access

Multiple styling options

The straps can be adjusted to be worn with halter style dresses, low-plunge front, and criss-cross styles

The straps are completely seamless and unnoticeable

Designed to move with your body

 Silky Velvet feel! Sit, dance, and stretch with ease

Fits Any Morphology

Fluid and comfortable, SECRET™ adapts to both small and generous breasts.

Adopted by celebrities

Several stars have confirmed that SECRET is a must for a sexy and fresh look

Difference between body SECRET and backless bra


  • 100% Invisible and Stable

  • Plunging neckline

  • Suitable for all types of dresses

  • Removable invisible straps

  • Comfortable

Autres solutions du marché :

  • Back strap goes up all the time

  • Gâche votre décolleté

  • Each bra is suitable for only one type of dress

  • Fixed straps

  • Uncomfortable and slippery all the time

Difference between body SECRET and other brands


  • Premium quality

  • Elastic even after several washes

  • Comfortable and breathable

  •  30 Day money back guarantee

Other brands:

  • Bad quality

  • Loosens up from the first wash.

  • Non-breathable may cause acne

  • Without warranty

Flash Sale: Get the 3rd one FREE


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